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Question 1: [5] The buyers also interact closely with ________ and design departments of the company because of the buyer's focus on style and color.

Question 2: Efficient ________ are a crucial element within fast fashion.
Demand chain managementSupply chain managementThird-party logisticsSupply chain

Question 3: It particularly came to the fore during the vogue for "________" in the mid-noughties.
Boho-chicFashionKate MossBohemian style

Question 4: [3] Forever 21 does not employ its own fabric design team, instead the company purchases textiles from the designs of outside ________.

Question 5: [5] On the other hand, information about future aims, and strategies of production are shared downward within the buyer ________ so the team can consider lower cost production options.
Organizational hierarchyHierarchyHumanBiological organisation

Question 6: [2] Recently however, these retailers have been in pending lawsuits over violations of ________ rights.
ShariaHuman rightsIntellectual propertyPrivacy

Question 7: [3] ________ (IP) is associated with many copyright laws.
ShariaIntellectual propertyPrivacyHuman rights

Question 8: [1] Primarily, the concept of ________ has been used to align the retail buyer and the manufacturer in a more collaborative relationship.
Wal-MartBrandMarketingCategory management

Question 9: [5] Three crucial factors exist within fast fashion consumption: ________, cost, and the buying cycle.
Efficient-market hypothesisMarket timingFundamental analysisTechnical analysis

Question 10: Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing collections which are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at ________ in both the spring and the autumn of every year.
Fashion weekParisLos AngelesMoscow


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