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Fast breeder reactor: Quiz


Question 1: Loop type, in which the primary coolant is circulated through primary heat exchangers external to the reactor tank (but within the ________ owing to the presence of radioactive sodium-24 in the primary coolant).
Gamma rayRadiation protectionNeutronIonizing radiation

Question 2: As of 2006, all large-scale FBR power stations have been liquid metal fast reactors (LMFBR) cooled by liquid ________.

Question 3: ________ has an active development programme featuring both fast and thermal breeder reactors.
Research and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndia

Question 4: It shut down on October 5, 1966 due to high temperatures caused by a loose piece of zirconium which was blocking the molten ________ coolant nozzles.

Question 5: India has the capability to use ________ cycle based processes to extract nuclear fuel.

Question 6: The world's first commercial LMFBR, and the only one yet built in the USA, was the 94MWe Unit 1 at ________.
Davis-Besse Nuclear Power StationQuad Cities Nuclear Generating StationEnrico Fermi Nuclear Generating StationDuane Arnold Energy Center

Question 7: Another fuel option is metal alloys, typically a blend of uranium, ________, and zirconium.

Question 8: FBRs have been built and operated in the USA, the UK, ________, the former USSR, India and Japan.

Question 9: Construction of the 300MWe SNR-300 at Kalkar in ________ was completed in 1985, but owing to political pressure it was never operated.
North Rhine-WestphaliaDortmundDüsseldorfCologne

Question 10: This is of special significance to the Indian nuclear power generation strategy as India has large reserves of thorium — about 360,000 ________ — that can fuel nuclear projects for an estimated 2,500 years.
Metric systemTonneKilogramUnited States customary units


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