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Fascism in Canada: Quiz


Question 1: Most Canadian fascist leaders were interned at the outbreak of ________ under the Defence of Canada Regulations and in the post-war period, fascism never recovered its former small influence.
Second Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupations

Question 2: The Canadian Union of Fascists, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was modeled on Oswald Mosley's ________.
British Union of FascistsJohn AmeryDiana MitfordWilliam Joyce

Question 3: Fascism in Canada consisted of a variety of movements and political parties in ________ during the twentieth century.
CanadaUnited StatesUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 4: Largely a fringe ideology, ________ has never commanded a large following amongst the Canadian people, and was most popular during the Great Depression.
Italian FascismTotalitarianismNazismFascism

Question 5: In June ________, it merged with Nazi groups from Ontario and Quebec (many of which were known as Swastika clubs), to form the National Unity Party.

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