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Fascia: Quiz


Question 1:
How do you write Fascia in latin?
fascia superficialis
lamina superficialis fasciae cervicalis
fascia renalis

Question 2: lesson1layersofbody at The Anatomy Lesson by Wesley Norman (________)
Georgetown HoyasRutgers UniversitySyracuse UniversityGeorgetown University

Question 3: It interpenetrates and surrounds muscles, ________, organs, nerves, blood vessels and other structures.
Human skeletonHuman skullHead and neck anatomyBone

Question 4: fascial (făsh'ē-əl) (from ________: a band) is a layer of fibrous tissue[1] that permeates the human body.
Vulgar LatinLatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 5: the one specified in the 1983 edition of ________ (NA 1983)
TokyoNomina AnatomicaMexico CityLondon


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