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Question 1: The Szczecin and Koszalin Voivodeships were merged in 1999 and now constitute the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, while Słupsk Voivodeship was merged into the ________.
ŁebaPomeranian VoivodeshipUsedomHel Peninsula

Question 2: 1648 Brandenburg-Prussia and the Swedish Empire agree on a partition of Pomerania in the ________
Archdiocese of BremenHoly Roman EmpireThirty Years' WarPeace of Westphalia

Question 3: After the reorganization of the Prussian ________ in 1815, Farther Pomerania was administered as Regierungsbezirk Köslin.
History of Pomerania (1806–1933)Province of PomeraniaProvince of Pomerania (1653–1815)History of Pomerania (1933–1945)

Question 4: Today, the bulk of former Farther Pomerania is within the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, while its easternmost parts are within the ________.
ŁebaHel PeninsulaSłupskPomeranian Voivodeship

Question 5: Slovincian dialect in the rural areas of Leba (Łeba) and Lauenburg (Lębork), roughly ________ by 1850.

Question 6: 1815 Farther Pomerania administered as Regierungsbezirk Köslin within the reorganized Prussian ________[6]
History of Pomerania (1806–1933)Province of Pomerania (1653–1815)Province of PomeraniaHistory of Pomerania (1933–1945)

Question 7: 1945 ________, Farther Pomerania placed first under Soviet, subsequently under Polish administration, since then remains as part of Poland
Polish CorridorYalta ConferenceRecovered TerritoriesOder-Neisse line

Question 8: primarily German, Ostpommersch variant of ________
Low GermanDutch languageSwedish languageEnglish language

Question 9: After the Brandenburg-Swedish partition of Pomerania, Farther Pomerania became the Brandenburg-Prussian ________.
West PrussiaPomerania during the Early Modern AgeProvince of Pomerania (1653–1815)Western Pomerania

Question 10: 1653 Treaty of Stettin (1653): Farther Pomerania becomes Brandenburg-Prussia's ________
Pomerania during the Early Modern AgeWest PrussiaProvince of Pomerania (1653–1815)Western Pomerania

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