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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  A milking machine in action
  Typical cattle yard in Northern Iowa, USA
  Farmer harvesting crops with mule-drawn wagon, 1920s, Iowa, USA
  Michelsen Farmstead Provincial Historic Site of Alberta, Stirling Agricultural Village

Question 2: However, the gradual ________ and mechanization of farming, which greatly increases both the efficiency and capital requirements of farming, has led to increasingly large farms owned by individuals or corporations.
Talcott ParsonsSociologyModernizationSociocultural evolution

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  A typical North American grain farm with farmstead in Ontario, Canada
  Farmer harvesting crops with mule-drawn wagon, 1920s, Iowa, USA
  Farmlands in Hebei province, China

Question 4: Especially in societies without widespread industrialized farming, tenant farming and ________ are common; farmers either pay landowners for the right to use farmland or give up a portion of the crops.
Land reformSharecroppingUnited StatesSouthern United States

Question 5: Some cotton farms in north-western ________ or south-western Queensland have been formed by combining previous sheep stations once sufficient water has become available to allow cotton to be grown.
New South WalesTasmaniaAustraliaVictoria (Australia)

Question 6: With the exception of ________ and colonial farms, farm sizes tend to be small in newly-settled lands and expand as transportation and markets become sophisticated.
AgricultureEnglandUnited StatesPlantation

Question 7: These operations generally attempt to maximize financial income from grain, produce, or ________.

Question 8: A farm that is primarily used for the production of milk and dairy is a ________.
Dairy farmingRussiaUnited StatesSpain

Question 9: Many dairy farms also grow their own feed, typically including corn, ________, and hay.

Question 10: At one end of this spectrum is the subsistence farmer, who farms a small area with limited resource inputs, and produces only enough ________ to meet the needs of his/her family.
Medieval cuisineFoodCookingMeat

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