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Faraday's law of induction: Quiz


Question 1: a statement of Faraday's law of induction more general than the integral form of the Maxwell-Faraday equation is (see ________):
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetismMagnetic fieldLorentz force

Question 2: Reflection on this apparent dichotomy was one of the principal paths that led ________ to develop special relativity:
Scientific methodIsaac NewtonRelationship between religion and scienceAlbert Einstein

Question 3: ________ drew attention to this fact in his 1861 paper On Physical Lines of Force.
James Clerk MaxwellCarl Friedrich GaussGalileo GalileiSir George Stokes, 1st Baronet

Question 4: The energy required to keep the disc moving, despite this reactive force, is exactly equal to the electrical energy generated (plus energy wasted due to ________, Joule heating, and other inefficiencies).
FrictionDrag (physics)MassLift (force)

Question 5: It also can be written in an integral form by the ________:[14]
Stokes' theoremDerivativeDivergenceCurl (mathematics)

Question 6: The effect was also discovered by ________ at about the same time, but Faraday published first.
Charles Doolittle WalcottMichael FaradayAlexander Dallas BacheJoseph Henry

Question 7: The electromotive force is to be found by using either the ________ or equivalently by using Faraday's induction law above.
Magnetic fieldLorentz forceMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetism

Question 8: Expanding on Faraday’s work, ________ formulated the law quantitatively in the form: [2][3][4]
Galileo GalileiSir George Stokes, 1st BaronetCarl Friedrich GaussJames Clerk Maxwell

Question 9: The Maxwell-Faraday equation says the moving observer sees an electric field Ey in the y-direction given by (see ________):
IntegralDivergenceVector calculusCurl (mathematics)

Question 10: The ________ at the right-hand side of the Maxwell-Faraday equation is the explicit expression for the magnetic flux ΦB through Σ.
Multiple integralSurface integralVector calculusCurl (mathematics)


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