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Question 1: Since then, the term far left has been used to describe persons or groups who hold extreme ________ views and support radical social and political change and the term varies from country to country across the world.
SlaveryUniversal suffrageEgalitarianismTorture

Question 2: The term ultra-leftism, which originated in the 1920s, is sometimes used in the same way as far left, but also has a more specific meaning within the context of ________.
DialecticDialectical materialismKarl MarxMarxism

Question 3: At that time, the political term radical often implied ________ of some kind.
MarxismKarl MarxDialectical materialismDialectic

Question 4: [3] The terms are often used to imply that someone is an extremist, or has extreme or very ________ political views.
Left-wing politicsSocialismCommunismMarxism

Question 5: The origin of left as a political term is the seating arrangements in the French National Assembly during the ________.
French RevolutionNational ConventionFrench DirectoryNational Constituent Assembly

Question 6: The term hard left is sometimes used in the same way, but also had a specific meaning in the 1980s within the ________.
Labour Party (UK)Gordon BrownCo-operative PartyWelsh Labour

Question 7: The US ________ defines left-wing extremism as groups who want "to bring about change through violent revolution rather than through established political processes."[5]
United States Department of DefenseUnited States Department of Homeland SecurityUnited States Secretary of Homeland SecurityUnited States Coast Guard

Question 8: In ________, the term extrême-gauche is an accepted term for Trotskyists, anarchists, Maoists and New Leftists (altermondialistes).
United KingdomFranceCanadaItaly

Question 9: Far left, extreme left, revolutionary left and radical left are terms which refer to the extreme left positions in a ________.
Political spectrumRight-wing politicsLeft–right politicsLiberalism

Question 10: In the 20th century, the definition of radical was revised in response to the models of communism and the ________.
Joseph StalinSoviet UnionEast GermanyRussia

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