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Fantastic Voyage: Quiz


Question 1: Peter Duval (Arthur Kennedy) and his assistant Cora Peterson (________) board a specially designed nuclear submarine, the Proteus, which is then miniaturized and injected into Benes.
Ann-MargretLiza MinnelliEllen BurstynRaquel Welch

Question 2:
Who of these people produced Fantastic Voyage?

Question 3:
What role did Barry Coe play in the movie Fantastic Voyage?
Communications Aide
Busby Birdwell/Guru/The Chief
General Carter
Dr. Michaels

Question 4:
What role did Arthur Kennedy play in the movie Fantastic Voyage?
Dr. Duval
Busby Birdwell/Guru/The Chief
Dr. Michaels

Question 5:
Who played Busby Birdwell/Guru/The Chief the movie Fantastic Voyage?
Edmond O'Brien
Arthur O'Connell
Marvin Miller
Stephen Boyd

Question 6: [14] Klement also negotiated for ________ to serialize an abridged version of the novel, and he agreed to give Asimov half the payment for it.
Ladies' Home JournalJack and Jill (magazine)The American HomeThe Saturday Evening Post

Question 7:
Who played Grant the movie Fantastic Voyage?
Stephen Boyd
Jean Del Val
Marvin Miller
Barry Coe

Question 8:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Fantastic Voyage?

Question 9:
Who wrote Fantastic Voyage?
Original screenplay
Lillian Hellman screenplay
screenplay: K. Ajay Kumar

Question 10: Michaels (who is later revealed to have a fear of small spaces, played by ________), surgeon Dr.
Peter CushingHalloween (1978 film)Harold PinterDonald Pleasence

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