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Question 1:
Where does Fantasia (film) come from?
United States
Independent State of Croatia
United Kingdom / United States
United States, Canada, Australia,

Question 2: This restored roadshow version of Fantasia was first released on ________ in 2000, and is the only version of the film to appear in that format.
DVDHD DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray Disc

Question 3: Still there are some who have taken a more negative view, sometimes labeling it as ________.
KitschAestheticsModernismTheodor W. Adorno

Question 4: Fantasia was notable for featuring what were then considered ________ qualities and for being the first commercial film released in multi-channel sound, using a process called "Fantasound".
SurrealismAbstract expressionismAvant-gardeDada

Question 5: It features a variety of dances, just as in the original, but danced by animated ________, fish, flowers, mushrooms, and leaves; no actual nutcracker is ever seen in this version.
FairyDwarfFairy paintingElf

Question 6: The dancers of the morning are represented by Madame Upanova and her ________.

Question 7:

Question 8:
Who narrated Fantasia (film)?

Question 9:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Fantasia (film)?
English and, Russian

Question 10: Its sequel ________ soon followed, but both were removed from circulation in late 2004.
Beauty and the Beast (1991 film)Fantasia 2000Fantasia (film)Aladdin (1992 film)

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