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Fanaa (Sufism): Quiz


Question 1: Fanā comes from a doctrine that has been developed since the execution of ________ in 922 A.D.
Saadi (poet)SufismMansur Al-HallajRumi

Question 2: Fanaa is similar to the concepts of nirvana in Buddhism and Hinduism or moksha in ________ which also aim for annihilation of the self.
Indian religionsHinduismJainismAyyavazhi

Question 3: Definition: Fanā is a Sufi term meaning passing away [3] that refers to a stage of mystical development in the path of ________.
GnosticismGnosisNeoplatonism and GnosticismDemiurge

Question 4: Persons having entered this state are said to have no existence outside of, and be in complete unity with, ________.


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