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Family of Gautama Buddha: Quiz


Question 1: Maya was born in Devadaha, in ancient ________.

Question 2: After the Buddha preached the ________ to the messengers, they were all ordained into the sangha.

Question 3: Ananda then decided to row into the middle of the river Ganges to attain nirvana as the countries of ________ and Vaisali, who occupied the banks were at war.
MagadhaIndiaIndian nationalismIndo-Aryan migration

Question 4: He pleaded with the Buddha to allow women to enter the ________.
SanghaBuddhist monasticismBhikkhuniBuddhism

Question 5: The Buddha was born into a family of the ________ varna in what is now Nepal, around 560 BCE.

Question 6: When her sister died after the birth of ________ she took Siddartha into her care.
Gautama BuddhaAshoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismBuddhism

Question 7: In Buddhist texts she is said to have had an immaculate conception, with some similarities to Mary's conception of ________ in biblical accounts.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeNew TestamentGospelJesus

Question 8: He was ordained into the ________ along with his brothers and friends and their barber, Upāli when the Buddha preached to the Shakyas in Kapilavastu.
BhikkhuniSanghaBuddhist monasticismBuddhism

Question 9: Although in ________ he is said to be a hereditary monarch, he is now believed to have been an elected head of a tribal confederacy.
Buddhist textsMahayana sutrasBuddhismVajrayana

Question 10: After this request from his father ________ returned to his father's kingdom where he preached dharma to him.
Gautama BuddhaAshoka the GreatBuddhismBuddhism and Hinduism


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