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Question 1: In ________, family (Latin: familia) is
PlantFungusAnimalBiological classification

Question 2: ________, list of family names in the taxonomy of biology
PasserineRodentList of familiesBird

Question 3: The concept of rank at that time was still ________, and in the preface to the Prodromus Magnol spoke of uniting his families into larger genera, which is far from how the term is used today.
List of Latin phrases: CList of Latin phrases: IList of Latin phrases (full)List of Latin phrases: S

Question 4: Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, ________, and species, with family fitting between order and genus.
SubspeciesBiological classificationGenusFamily (biology)

Question 5: ________, the study of evolutionary relatedness among various groups of organisms
Computational phylogeneticsCladeGhost lineagePhylogenetics

Question 6: ________, the classification of organisms by their order of branching in an evolutionary tree
Computational phylogeneticsCladePhylogeneticsCladistics

Question 7: Carolus Linnaeus used the word familia in his Philosophia botanica (1751) to denote major groups of plants; ________, herbs, ferns, palms, etc.
TreeWoodFlowering plantForest

Question 8: He used families (part of them not named) in some but not in all his orders of "insects" (which then included all ________).

Question 9: Family, as a rank intermediate between order and ________, is a relatively recent invention.
LifeSpeciesBiological classificationGenus

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