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Question 1:
Who played Charles Wall the movie Family?
James Broderick
Dave Fennoy
James Martin Kelly
Jake Williams

Question 2:
Who played Felicia Brixworth the movie Family?
Simone Lahbib
Sada Thompson
Faith Trimel
Meredith Baxter

Question 3:
Who played Cole the movie Family?
David Calder
Joe Russo
Sean McGinley
Tanner Richie

Question 4:
What role did James Broderick play in the movie Family?
Doug Lawrence
Charlo Spencer

Question 5:
What role did Mahogany Ratcliffe play in the movie Family?
Paula Spencer
Sabrina Marcet
Monifa Josephs
Eleanor Sipes

Question 6:
What role did Joe Russo play in the movie Family?
Dave Cutler
Charlo Spencer

Question 7: A study performed by scientists from Iceland found that mating with a relative (________) can significantly increase the number of children in a family.
ProstitutionIncestMiscegenationSexual abuse

Question 8:
Who played Leanne Spencer the movie Family?
Renée Humphrey
Michelle Penick
Constance McCashin
Gemma Butterly

Question 9: They feel that the family structures of the past were superior to those today and believe that families were more stable and happier at a time when they did not have to contend with problems such as illegitimate children and ________.
DivorceMarriageWifeDivorce (United States)

Question 10:
Who played Daisy the movie Family?
Anna Fin
Ger Ryan
Neva Patterson
Faith Trimel

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