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Falls Curfew: Quiz


Question 1: Nationalist Parties:
Sinn Féin
Social Democratic & Labour Party
Workers Party of Ireland
Republican Sinn Féin
Socialist Workers Party (Ireland)Socialist Party (Ireland)Fianna FáilIrish Republican Socialist Party

Question 2: According to ________, "Thousands of people who had never been republicans now gave their active support to the IRA; others, who had never had any time for physical force now regarded it as a practical necessity".
Northern Ireland AssemblySinn FéinGerry AdamsPeter Robinson (politician)

Question 3: An informer had tipped them off that they would find an arms dump belonging to the ________ in a house in Balkan Street in the Lower Falls, an area which was dominated at that time by the Official IRA.
The TroublesIrish National Liberation ArmyOfficial Irish Republican ArmyProvisional Irish Republican Army

Question 4: Ulster Defence Association
Ulster Volunteer Force
Red Hand Commandos
Ulster Freedom Fighters
Young Citizen Volunteers
Ulster Young Militants
Ulster Resistance
The TroublesIrish National Liberation ArmyLoyalist Volunteer ForceNorthern Ireland

Question 5: The first was that it deeply alienated Belfast's Catholic ________ population from the British Army.
Irish nationalismHome Rule Act 1914Irish republicanismNorthern Ireland

Question 6: Members of the ________ took up sniping positions in the grounds of St Mathew’s Catholic Church and engaged in a prolonged gun battle with the Loyalists.
The TroublesProvisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997Provisional Irish Republican ArmyOfficial Irish Republican Army

Question 7: Republican propaganda footage of the Falls Curfew on ________
Google searchGoogle VideosYouTubeGoogle

Question 8: ________
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Ulster Defence Regiment
Royal Irish Regiment
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary
Ulster Special Constabulary
Garda Síochána
Irish Army
Territorial Army (United Kingdom)Royal Military PoliceBritish Armed ForcesBritish Army

Question 9: Unionist Parties:
Ulster Unionist Party
Progressive Unionist Party
Conservative Party
UK Unionist Party
Traditional Unionist Voice
Social Democratic and Labour PartyDemocratic Unionist PartyUnited Unionist CoalitionSinn Féin

Question 10: Under the cover of ________ (1,600 canisters of which were fired by the British troops), the Army conducted an aggressive search for weapons.
ChlorineCS gasSarinChemical warfare


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