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Fallopian tube: Quiz


Question 1:
How do you write Fallopian tube in latin?
vena emissaria occipitalis
tuba uterina
Dioecesis Barrensis de Pirai-Voltaredondensis
segment hepatis posterius I, lobus caudatus

Question 2: The Greek word salpinx (σαλπιγξ) means "________".
Brass instrumentTrumpetTromboneCornet

Question 3: Fallopian tube cancer is a rare neoplasm that can arise from the ________ lining of the Fallopian tube.
Stratified squamous epitheliumHistologyMicrovillusEpithelium

Question 4: Occasionally the embryo implants into the Fallopian tube instead of the uterus, creating an ________, commonly known as a "tubal pregnancy".
Hydatidiform moleMiscarriageEctopic pregnancyBreech birth

Question 5: An operation that combines the removal of a Fallopian tube with removal of at least one ovary is a ________.
HysterectomyOophorectomyTubal ligationICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 6: After about five days the now ________ enters the uterine cavity and implants about a day later.
Prenatal developmentFertilisationEmbryogenesisEmbryo

Question 7: during surgery the status of the tubes can be inspected and a dye such as ________ can be injected into the uterus and shown to pass through the tubes when the cervix is occluded.
Methylene blueClozapineEsmirtazapineMirtazapine

Question 8: ________ can strike the fallopian tubes.
EndometritisVaginitisCervicitisPelvic inflammatory disease

Question 9: While a full testing of tubal functions in patients with ________ is not possible, tesing of tubal patency is important as tubal obstruction is a major cause of childlessness.
Female infertilityInfertilityVulvovaginal healthReproductive system disease

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