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Question 1: Lee has several ________ abilities, including immense physical strength, the ability to leap large distances, and to project some type of mystical energy from her body, often from her eyes.
SuperheroTranshumanismScience fictionSuperhuman

Question 2: [32] Lee's son Jude is a ________.
Catholic ChurchLatin RiteEastern Catholic ChurchesPriesthood (Catholic Church)

Question 3: [16] Bete Noire is often said to possess a ________ of its own; the city decides who enters and leaves.
SentienceMindBuddhismArtificial intelligence

Question 4: Fallen Angel is an American fictional comic book heroine created and owned by writer ________ and artist David Lopez, who appears in her self-titled monthly series.
Marvel ComicsPeter DavidHulk (comics)John Byrne

Question 5: Co-owned by David and artist George Pérez, the characters had previously appeared in their own limited series from ________'s Epic imprint in 1993.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel Comics

Question 6: [15] He also owns a ________-era Walther P38 pistol.
Second Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupations

Question 7: [53] Lin had recently escaped ________, an apparent metaphor for what happened to Danvers after the cancellation of Supergirl.
AfterlifeJesusIntermediate stateLimbo

Question 8: It resumed publication through ________ in December 2005, and ran for 33 issues.
Paramount Pictures2005 in comics2006 in comicsIDW Publishing

Question 9: Liandra leads a joyous life as a ________ - "The Boss's favorite" - until one of her charges, a girl named Holly, develops the ability to see her.
Catholic ChurchNew TestamentGuardian angelChristianity

Question 10: The Magistrate, a direct descendent of ________,[14] manages the city.
BibleAbrahamMosesCain and Abel


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