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Question 1: At the time, the Alferez Sobral was searching for the crew of the ________ English Electric Canberra light bomber shot down on 1 May.
Argentine Air ForceArgentinaArgentine air forces in the Falklands WarArgentine Naval Aviation

Question 2: As well as memorials on the islands, there is a memorial to the British war dead in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, ________.

Question 3:
Who of the following was a child of Falklands War?
Albert II
Friedrich Clem

Question 4: In his autobiographical account of the Falklands War,[47] Admiral Woodward blames the ________ for these changes to the bombs.
CNNFox News ChannelBBC World ServiceNational Public Radio

Question 5:
Who was a commander in the Falklands War?
Pierre Langlais
Admiral Jorge Anaya
Sir John Campbell
Maerten Thijssen

Question 6:
How many casualties were there in the Falklands War?
24 helicopters
At least 24 civilians/hostages killed in Kizlyar

Question 7: [78] There is a memorial at Plaza San Martín in ________ for the Argentine war dead,[79] another one in Rosario, and a third one in Ushuaia.
Buenos AiresArgentinaPalermo, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires Central Business District

Question 8: [63] On this day, Sgt Ian McKay of 4 Platoon, B Company, 3 Para died in a grenade attack on an Argentine bunker, which earned him a posthumous ________.
Victoria Cross (Canada)Victoria CrossVictoria Cross for New ZealandVictoria Cross for Australia

Question 9: On 2 April 1982, Argentine forces mounted amphibious landings of the ________, following the civilian occupation of South Georgia on March 19, before the Falklands War began.
BermudaAnguillaCayman IslandsFalkland Islands

Question 10: One was shot down by an AIM-9L Sidewinder ________ (AAM), while the other escaped but was damaged and without enough fuel to return to its mainland air base.
Air-to-surface missileRaduga Kh-22Air-to-air missileAnti-tank guided missile

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