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Question 1: [11] People can also fake orgasms for reasons of display or presentation, such as during ________ or in pornography.
Artificial vaginaMasturbationDildoPhone sex

Question 2: Mialon developed a game theoretical analysis of faking orgasms as a ________.
Evolutionarily stable strategyCheap talkSignaling gamesChicken (game)

Question 3: [5] Faking orgasms in men becomes easier while using condoms, since ________ usually accompanies orgasm in males.
Sexual intercourseErectionEjaculationMasturbation

Question 4: The HBO series ________ has a multitude of episodes devoted to the subject of fake orgasms.
Desperate HousewivesAlly McBealSex and the CityUgly Betty

Question 5: Faking orgasm refers to the act of pretending to have an ________ without actually experiencing one.
MasturbationEjaculationOrgasmSexual intercourse

Question 6: For women in a heterosexual relationship, faking orgasm is often based on deference to the man, need for his approval, or feelings of ________ or sexual inadequacy.

Question 7: That women should fake an orgasm was recommended by the Roman poet Ovid in his famous book ________
Elegiac coupletArs AmatoriaAugustusLatin

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