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Faisalabad: Quiz


Question 1: The Faisalabad Hockey Stadium on Susan Road mostly hosts ________ matches for most national and some international matches.
Field hockeyOlympic GamesAssociation footballIndoor field hockey

Question 2: There is also a public bus network as well as private coaches within the city and many privately operated ________ and taxis to get around the city.
Auto rickshawCycle rickshawShare taxiTaxicab

Question 3: The surrounding countryside, irrigated by the Lower Chenab River, has seen expanded production of ________, wheat, vegetables, and fruits, which form 25% of Pakistan's exports.

Question 4:

Question 5:
Which of these places is north of Faisalabad?

Question 6:
What is the area code of Faisalabad?
+48 41

Question 7: In 1943, ________ came to Lyallpur and addressed a gathering of over 2 million in Dhobi Ghat Grounds.
Muhammad Ali JinnahLucknow PactPakistan MovementFatima Jinnah

Question 8:
What is the leader of Faisalabad called?
District Naib Nazim
Representative dist.

Question 9:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Faisalabad?
Mian Sajjad Ahmad
Mian Aamir Mahmood
Mian Mumtaz Ahmad Matiana
Mian Riaz Husain Pirzada

Question 10: Among the birds there are usually partridges, pigeons, ________, tilliars, lal menas, bias, parrots, quails, pochards, mallards and teals.
EuropeUnited StatesNew ZealandColumbidae


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