Fairy path: Quiz

Question 1: An example of this fairy path straightness is provided by an account concerning a croft (now a cattle shed) at Knockeencreen, Brosna, ________.
County KerryIrelandMunsterCounty Cork

Question 2: [16][11] In ________ folklore this is known as being 'pixie led.'

Question 3: ________ and spirit paths, such as with corpse roads, have some similarities with these fairy paths.
Ley lineAlfred WatkinsNew AgeEnergy (esotericism)

Question 4: A significant number of the characteristics of fairy paths are shared in common with ________.
Ley lineAlfred WatkinsEnergy (esotericism)New Age

Question 5: Such places were Fairy Toot in Somerset, Elf Howe barrow near Folkton, Yorkshire and a round barrow at Beedon in ________.
BerkshireCounty DurhamWiltshireOxfordshire

Question 6: A fairy ring is also a path used by fairies, but in a circle, for dancing, as described by poet ________, "...the fairies dance in a place apart, Shaking their milk-white feet in a ring,..." [1]
James Campbell, 1st Baron GlenavyWilliam Butler YeatsThomas Westropp BennettAndrew Jameson (politician)

Question 7: ________ was and is a stronghold of fairy lore and they are said to dance on Carn Gluze, near St Just in Penwith.

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Fairy_path)