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Question 1: The Barracuda was originally intended to use the Rolls-Royce Exe X block, ________ engine, but production of this powerplant was abandoned which delayed the prototype's trials.
Manifold (automotive)Poppet valveFour-stroke engineSleeve valve

Question 2: Powerplant:________ 32 liquid-cooled V12 engine, 1,640 hp (1,225 kW)
Rolls-Royce CrecyRolls-Royce GriffonRolls-Royce RRolls-Royce Merlin

Question 3: The Barracuda was a shoulder-wing ________ monoplane with an oval, all-metal fuselage.
Cantilever bridgeTruss bridgeBeam (structure)Cantilever

Question 4: ________: 31.1 lb/ft² (151.9 kg/m²)
F-104 StarfighterF-16 Fighting FalconWing loadingGlider (sailplane)

Question 5: The Fairey Barracuda was a British carrier-borne torpedo- and ________ used during the Second World War, the first of its type to be fabricated entirely from metal.
Junkers Ju 87Dive bomberSBD DauntlessFighter aircraft

Question 6: The Barracuda resulted from ________ Specification S.24/37 issued in 1937 for a monoplane torpedo bomber.
Royal Naval Air ServiceRoyal Air ForceHugh Trenchard, 1st Viscount TrenchardAir Ministry

Question 7: The most common point for the leak was at the point of entry to the pilot's ________ and was situated such that the resulting spray went straight into the pilot's face.
Pressure measurementVacuumPascal (unit)Measuring instrument

Question 8: From April 1944, Barracudas of No 827 Squadron aboard Illustrious started operations against Japanese forces, taking part in raids against Sabang in ________ (Operation Cockpit).
IndonesiaAcehWest SumatraSumatra

Question 9: Of the six submissions, the designs of ________ and Supermarine (Type 322) were selected and two prototypes of each ordered.
Fairey BattleFairey FB-1 GyrodyneFairey RotodyneFairey Aviation Company

Question 10: The ________ used the Barracuda Mk II, initially in 1943 with No.
British Armed ForcesLuftwaffeRoyal Air ForceBritish Army

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