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Question 1: Other than universities, ________ and secondary or primary schools also use the terms faculty and professor to describe their instructors, but this does not hold the same status as a professor in a university.
Secondary educationPublic school (government funded)Gymnasium (school)Community college

Question 2: In North American English, the word faculty is also used as a collective noun for the academic staff of a university: senior teachers, ________, and/or researchers.
AcademiaProfessorUnited KingdomLecturer

Question 3: A faculty is a division within a ________ comprising one subject area, or a number of related subject areas (for the North American usage, referring to academic staff, see below).
CollegeUniversityPrivate schoolGymnasium (school)

Question 4: Members of university administration (e.g., department chairs, deans, vice presidents, presidents, and ________) are often also faculty members, in many cases beginning (and remaining) as professors.
LibrarianLibraryLibrary scienceEducation for librarianship

Question 5: The Faculty of Arts took its name from the seven liberal arts: the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, dialectics) and the quadrivium (________, music, geometry and astronomy).

Question 6: Most university faculty hold a ________ or equivalent doctorate degree.
Doctor of PhilosophyLicentiateBachelor's degreePostgraduate education

Question 7: The degree of Magister Artium (Master of Arts) derives its name from the Faculty of Arts, while the degree of ________ (Ph.D.) originates within German education and derives its name from the German name of the Arts faculty.
Academic degreePostgraduate educationDoctorateDoctor of Philosophy


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