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Factory farming: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (CDC), farms on which animals are intensively reared can cause adverse health reactions in farm workers.
Chinese Center for Disease Control and PreventionEuropean Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlBiological hazardCenters for Disease Control and Prevention

Question 2: Larger farms may be more able to make regular use of ________ and the resources of state and federal agricultural extension services.
Veterinary dentistryVeterinary schoolVeterinarianVeterinary medicine

Question 3: However, this relies on perfect, fail-safe ________ – and such measures are near impossible to implement.
BioterrorismBiological hazard2001 anthrax attacksBiosecurity

Question 4: [53] In 1998, the ________ banned feeding animals antibiotics that were found to be valuable for human health.
European UnionGermanyDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 5: The identification of nitrogen and phosphorus as critical factors in plant growth led to the manufacture of synthetic ________, making possible more intensive types of agriculture.

Question 6: ________ is an example of where this might have already occurred.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1Influenza A virusInfluenzaInfluenza pandemic

Question 7: During storage on farm, slurry emits ________ and when manure is spread on fields it emits nitrous oxide and causes nitrogen pollution of land and water.

Question 8: [22] The discovery of ________ and vaccines facilitated raising livestock in larger numbers by reducing disease.
AntibioticNucleic acid inhibitorATC code J01Antibiotic misuse

Question 9: It is different from a EPA's definition of a ________ (CAFO) which is an animal feeding operation larger than a given size."[14]
AgricultureIndustrial agricultureFactory farmingIndustrial agriculture (animals)

Question 10: The energy input for ________ poultry meat and eggs is higher than for factory-farmed poultry meat and eggs, but GHG emissions are lower.
Industrial agricultureFree rangeAgriculturePoultry farming

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