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Factorial: Quiz


Question 1: For the large values of the argument, factorial can be approximated through the integral of the psi function, using the ________ representation [6].
Continued fractionGeneralized continued fractionIrrational numberEuclidean algorithm

Question 2: ways to arrange n distinct objects into a sequence (i.e., ________ of a the set of objects).
PermutationSymmetric groupGroup (mathematics)Factorial

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Factorial have?
The Day After Trinity
Look What Happened
Member for Parramatta

Question 4: If very large exact factorials are needed, they can be computed using ________ arithmetic.
Floating pointPrimitive data typeFirst-class functionArbitrary-precision arithmetic

Question 5: The calculator seen in Mac OS X, Microsoft Excel and ________ can handle factorials up to 170!, which is the largest factorial that can be represented as a 64-bit IEEE 754 floating-point value.
Google MapsOrkutGoogle Map MakerGoogle search

Question 6: Factorials also turn up in ________; for example they occur in the denominators of the terms of Taylor's formula, basically to compensate for the fact that the nth derivative of xn is n!.
IntegralDifferential calculusMathematical analysisCalculus

Question 7: Computer algebra systems such as ________ can generate many terms of this expansion.
Maple (software)PARI/GPMathematicaSage (mathematics software)

Question 8: where the (4) notation denotes the hyper4 ________, or using Knuth's up-arrow notation,
Functional analysisVector spaceOperatorHilbert space

Question 9: is the number of permutations of 2n whose ________ consists of n parts equal to 2; these are the involutions without fixed points
Symmetric groupCombinatorial speciesPólya enumeration theoremCycle index

Question 10: is the number of ________ in a complete graph K(2n)
Vertex coverLinear programmingIndependent set (graph theory)Matching (graph theory)

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