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Question 1: [29] In addition to these considerations, there are the social and institutional measures, such as ________ and accreditation, that are intended to promote factual accuracy (among other interests) in scientific study.
Open peer reviewScientific journalScientific methodPeer review

Question 2: Questions of objectivity and ________ are closely associated with questions of fact.

Question 3: In most common law jurisdictions,[31] the general concept and analysis of fact reflects fundamental principles of ________, and is supported by several well-established standards.
JurisprudenceJohn RawlsImmanuel KantPolitical philosophy

Question 4: [21] (For an example see ________.)
Introduction to evolutionObjections to evolutionCreation–evolution controversyEvolution as theory and fact

Question 5: Such sentences are important to ________, especially since the development of Possible world semantics.
Saul KripkeModal logicWillard Van Orman QuineAristotle

Question 6: Any non-trivial true statement about reality is necessarily an ________ composed of a complex of objects and properties or relations.

Question 7: Difficulties arise, however, in attempting to identify the constituent parts of negative, modal, disjunctive, or ________ facts.
VirtueMoral relativismConscienceMorality

Question 8: ________ in his 1961 volume, What is History?, argues that the inherent biases from the gathering of facts makes the objective truth of any historical perspective idealistic and impossible.
Adolf HitlerRussiaJoseph StalinE. H. Carr

Question 9: A party to a ________ generally must clearly state all relevant allegations of fact upon which a claim is based.
Class actionLawsuitDefault judgmentAnswer

Question 10: A "fact" can be defined as something which is the case, that is, the state of affairs[13] reported by a true ________.
AristotleBertrand RussellPropositionNominalism

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