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Facilitator: Quiz


Question 1: "An individual who enables groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate and achieve ________.
MDMA5-HydroxytryptophanSynergyLysergic acid diethylamide

Question 2: Business facilitators work in ________, and other formal organisations but facilitators may also work with a variety of other groups and communities.
CorporationCompanies lawCorporate lawBusiness

Question 3: The higher-order skills involve watching the group and its individuals in light of ________.
Group dynamicsGustave Le BonKurt LewinCrowd psychology

Question 4: The facilitator will try to assist the group in achieving a ________ on any disagreements that preexist or emerge in the meeting so that it has a strong basis for future action.
Libertarian socialismDemocracyConsensusConsensus decision-making

Question 5: The role has been likened to that of a ________ who assists in the process of birth but is not the producer of the end result.
Certified Nurse MidwifeHome birthChildbirthMidwifery


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