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Facebuster: Quiz


Question 1: Also done by WWE Diva Michelle McCool, and Pro Wrestling NOAH's ________.
Briscoe BrothersChris HeroClaudio CastagnoliBison Smith

Question 2: [1] ________, the most famous user of this move, named it the Pedigree.
Triple HAdam CopelandChris JerichoShawn Michaels

Question 3: Described as a fireman's carry facebuster, this move was named and made popular by ________.
Brock LesnarKurt AngleThe UndertakerEddie Guerrero

Question 4: A facebuster, also known as a faceplant, is generally a takedown move in ________ in which an attacking wrestler forces his/her opponent down to the mat face-first without involving a headlock or facelock.
Global Professional Wrestling AllianceWorld Wrestling EntertainmentNational Wrestling AllianceProfessional wrestling

Question 5: ________ has used this variation in the past, with it being named the Pepsi Plunge.
CM PunkChris JerichoGlenn JacobsJason Reso

Question 6: Invented by ________ of TNA Wrestling.
Nelson ErazoChristopher DanielsA.J. StylesChris Parks

Question 7: The move's name was taken from the ________, which ranks the intensity of tornadoes, with F-5 being the strongest.
Timothy P. MarshallEnhanced Fujita ScaleFujita scaleTornado intensity and damage

Question 8: A variation where a wrestler puts the head of his opponent between his legs as he performs a number of ________, causing the opponent's face to be slammed into the canvas a number of times.
Bench pressPress-upBodyweight exerciseStrength training


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