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Face perception: Quiz


Question 1: Face perception is the process by which the ________ and mind understand and interpret the face, particularly the human face.
Nervous systemDigestionBrainSensory system

Question 2: The structurally encoded representation is transferred to notional 'face recognition units' that are used with 'personal identity nodes' to identify a person through information from ________.
Anterograde amnesiaPsychogenic amnesiaEpisodic memorySemantic memory

Question 3: Recognising a face involves a process of ________.

Question 4: The study of ________ (an impairment in recognizing faces which is usually caused by brain injury) has been particularly helpful in understanding how normal face perception might work.
ProsopagnosiaExpressive aphasiaHemispatial neglectBrown-Séquard syndrome

Question 5: Theories about the processes involved in adult face perception have largely come from two sources: research on normal adult face perception and the study of impairments in face perception that are caused by brain injury or ________.


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