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Question 1: ________, martial arts as practiced in the Philippines
Pencak SilatFilipino martial artsEskrimaSilat

Question 2: ________, advantage gained by the first mover in a game theoretic scenario or the market advantage gained by the first entrant
First-mover advantageApple Inc.Amazon.comFast Second

Question 3: ________, a Japanese manga series
YuYu HakushoSailor MoonNeon Genesis Evangelion (anime)Fullmetal Alchemist

Question 4: ________, a proposed United States Constitutional amendment
John KerryDemocratic Party (United States)Federal Marriage AmendmentJohn McCain

Question 5: ________, the inherent advantage of White (the first player) in a chess game
First-move advantage in chessAlexander AlekhineSicilian DefenceBobby Fischer

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