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FH-2000: Quiz


Question 1: It fires projectiles to a maximum range of 42 kilometers using special extended range ammunition, that was field tested in ________.
New ZealandAustraliaUnited KingdomNauru

Question 2: And without informing CAI, IOS had obtained the flawed fuzes from Xian Dong Fang Machinery Factory in the province of ________, People's Republic of China (PRC).
ShaanxiHu CountyBaqiao DistrictLantian County

Question 3: In addition, 12 other servicemen were injured in the incident, including a Staff Sergeant from ________, who was acting as the New Zealand Defence Force liaison officer/observer to the visiting SAF battalion.
Royal New Zealand Air ForceNew Zealand ArmyRoyal New Zealand NavyNew Zealand Defence College

Question 4: It has a crew of eight and uses a 75 hp diesel ________ to give it a self propelled speed of 10 kilometers an hour movement without towing.
Ice protection systemAuxiliary power unitAnnunciator panelHydraulic fluid

Question 5: The FH-2000 or Field Howitzer 2000 was developed by Singapore Technologies for ________.
Singapore Armed Forces Commando FormationSingapore ArmySingapore GuardsSingapore Armed Forces


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