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F4F Wildcat: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is F4F Wildcat?
Art Museum
Adult Female/Closed Category

Question 2: ________, second scoring Wildcat ace with 19 victories whilst flying with VMF-223 and also winner of the Medal of Honor.
VMA-223Bronze Star MedalJohn Lucian SmithUnited States Marine Corps

Question 3: Anyway, the construction of the airfields at forward bases by the "________" was surprisingly quick.
United States NavyUnited States Naval Special Warfare CommandUnited States Navy SEALsSeabee

Question 4: ________: FJ-1/FJ-2/3/FJ-4
B-25 MitchellB-45 TornadoNorth American AviationB-29 Superfortress

Question 5: Four US Marine Corps Wildcats played a prominent role in the defence of ________ in December 1941.
Midway AtollWake IslandNorthern Mariana IslandsJohnston Atoll

Question 6: These aircraft, designated by Grumman as G-36A, had a different cowling from other earlier F4Fs and fixed wings, and were intended to be fitted with French armament and ________ following delivery.
Traffic Collision Avoidance SystemAvionicsAircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting SystemGlobal Positioning System

Question 7: Grumman fighter development started with the two-seat ________ biplane.
Grumman F2FGrumman F3FF4F WildcatGrumman FF

Question 8: The Wildcat's successor was the ________, a complete redesign which dropped Grumman's distinctive, exposed main landing gear arrangement.
F-9 CougarF4F WildcatF8F BearcatF6F Hellcat

Question 9: Royal Navy ________
Fleet Air ArmBAE Sea HarrierFairey SwordfishWestland Sea King

Question 10: These were followed by 30 folding wing aircraft (F4F-3As) which were originally destined for the ________, which were also designated Martlet IIIs.
Italian Air ForceTurkish Air ForcePortuguese Air ForceHellenic Air Force

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