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F.T. Island: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is a current member of F.T. Island?
Jasper "Jeff" Future
Andreas Schmid
Song Seung Hyun
Dave Couillou

Question 2:
F.T. Island name is associated with which of these acts?
The Tassles, Pieces of Eight
F.T Triple, A.N.Jell
Hillside Scramblers
Gregor Salto

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does F.T. Island produce?

Question 4: On April 12, 2008, the group held their first concert in ________, at the Royal Paragon Hall.
Papua New GuineaMalaysiaCambodiaThailand

Question 5:
What is F.T. Island also known as?
The Five Footer
Five for Fighting
High Five of Teenagers
Five Treasure Island, FTI

Question 6:
What is the origin of F.T. Island?

Question 7:
What years was F.T. Island active?
1979-1986, 2004-present
1992 – present

Question 8: Acting debut in 2002 in ________ Magic Kid Masuri (매직키드 마수리) as Masuri's friend
Korean Broadcasting SystemMunhwa Broadcasting CorporationThe Filipino ChannelSeoul Broadcasting System

Question 9: Member Lee Hong Ki debuted 6 years ago on a kid's sitcom ________'s Magic Kid Masuri as the Masuri's friend.
Munhwa Broadcasting CorporationKorean Broadcasting SystemThe Filipino ChannelSeoul Broadcasting System

Question 10: “Emotional Chapter” consisted of rock ballad, and the songs were produced by composers who worked for many songs of famous Korean singers such as ________.
SG WannabeSeeYaShinhwaNam Gyu-Ri

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