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Question 1: The first to be equipped was No. 6 Squadron at ________ in July 1969.
RAF LossiemouthRAF LeucharsRAF KinlossCampbeltown Airport

Question 2: Delays with the J79-GE-8 engines meant that the first production aircraft were fitted with J79-GE-2 and -2A engines, each having 16,100 lbf (71.8 kN) of ________ thrust.

Question 3:
What type is thing is F-4 Phantom II?
NICTD station
Interceptor fighter, fighter-bomber

Question 4: On 9 August 1974, a ________ Phantom FGR2 was involved in the fatal 1974 Norfolk mid-air collision with a civil PA-25-235 Pawnee crop-sprayer over Norfolk, England.
Royal Air ForceBritish ArmyLuftwaffeBritish Armed Forces

Question 5:
What is F-4 Phantom II's current status?
Active service with Indian Navy
631 active in non-U.S. service. Also in U.S. service as drones
Active service with the PRC
Active Service Route

Question 6:
How many F-4 Phantom IIs have been built?
DC-10: 386

Question 7:
What company manufactures F-4 Phantom II?
McDonnell Douglas / British Aerospace
Parnall Aircraft Ltd
Hall-Aluminum Aircraft Corporation
McDonnell Aircraft/

Question 8: The ________ Phantoms saw action in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s and are kept operational by overhaul and servicing from Iran’s aerospace industry.
Islamic Republic of Iran Air ForceAIM-9 SidewinderMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-16 Fighting Falcon

Question 9: In 1982 during the ________ three Phantom FGR2s of No. 29 Squadron were on active Quick Reaction Alert duty on Ascenion Island to protect the base from air attack.
Falklands WarFalkland IslandsFalkland Islands sovereignty disputeFalkland Islands Defence Force

Question 10: ________: NACA 0006.4-64 root, NACA 0003-64 tip
Lift (force)Wingtip deviceAirfoilStall (flight)

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