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Question 1: However, the recently created ________ appreciated the usefulness of an engine with so much power and contracted Rocketdyne to complete its development.
Space explorationNASASpace RaceHuman spaceflight

Question 2: For ________, F-1 performance was:
Apollo programApollo 17Apollo 15Apollo 12

Question 3: [4] Each F-1 engine had more thrust than all three ________ combined.
Space Shuttle main engineSpace Shuttle external tankSpace Shuttle Solid Rocket BoosterKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39

Question 4: However among solid-fuel engines, more powerful engines exist, such as the ________, with a sea-level liftoff thrust of 12.45 MN.
Space Shuttle Solid Rocket BoosterSpace Shuttle external tankKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39Kennedy Space Center

Question 5: The F-1 was a liquid-fueled rocket motor, burning ________ (kerosene) as fuel, and using liquid oxygen (LOX) as the oxidizer.
PetroleumLiquid-fuel rocketRP-1Gasoline

Question 6: For seven years of development F-1 tests revealed serious ________ problems which would sometimes cause catastrophic failure.
Stirling engineRocket engineJet engineRocket engine nozzle

Question 7: A ________ was used to inject fuel and oxygen into the combustion chamber.
TurbopumpRocketRamjetWernher von Braun

Question 8: A gas-generator was used to drive a ________ which in turn drove separate fuel and oxygen pumps, each feeding the thrust chamber assembly.
Turbine (disambiguation)Gas turbineTurbineEngine

Question 9: ________: 264.72 s
Rocket engineSpacecraft propulsionSpecific impulseJet engine

Question 10: A domed chamber at the top of the engine served as a manifold supplying liquid oxygen to the injectors, and also served as a mount for the ________ bearing which transmitted the thrust to the body of the rocket.
GimbalCompassAncient historyItaly


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