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Question 1: A ________ on the Song of Songs uses the phrase to speak of God's willingness and ability beyond comparison, to accomplish the salvation of a sinner:
TalmudMidrashBibleRabbinic literature

Question 2: To explain that dreams reveal the thoughts of a man's heart, the product of reason rather than the absence of it, the ________ say:
JewsRabbiConservative JudaismOrthodox Judaism

Question 3: The ________ applies the aphorism to unthinkable thoughts.
MidrashJewish philosophyRabbinic literatureTalmud

Question 4: "The eye of a needle" is part of a phrase attributed to ________ by the synoptic gospels:
New TestamentJesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeApostle (Christian)

Question 5: The ________ uses this phrase to express the idea of something that is unlikely to happen:

Question 6: Eyes of needles are often notoriously small and difficult to thread, leading to an aphorism used in the religious texts of Judaism, ________, and Islam.
BaptistChristian denominationEcumenismChristianity


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