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Eye of Horus: Quiz


Question 1: The mirror image, or left eye, sometimes represented the moon and the god Djehuti (________).
MaatThothEgyptian pantheonIsis

Question 2: [4][5] It was the eye of one of the earliest of Egyptian deities, Wadjet, who later became associated with Bast, Mut, and ________ as well.
HathorRaEgyptian pantheonIsis

Question 3: As the wedjet (also udjat or utchat), it also represented the sun, and was associated with Horus' mother, ________, and with Wadjet, a cobra goddess, as well as the sun deity Ra.
HathorIsisEgyptian pantheonOsiris

Question 4: For example, the ________, the RMP 2/n table and the Akhmim Wooden Tablet wrote binary quotients and scaled remainders.
Rhind Mathematical PapyrusEgyptian fractionRhind Mathematical Papyrus 2/n tableEgyptian Mathematical Leather Roll

Question 5:
Eye of Horus, Scribe and Egyptian soul are all:
Ancient Egyptian society Egyptian hieroglyphs Ancient Egyptian culture Ancient Egyptian concepts

Question 6:
Eye of Horus, Ankh and Wadjet are all:
Ancient Egyptian culture Egyptian fractions Egyptian hieroglyphs-Gardiner listed Ancient Egyptian society

Question 7: ________ was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was also associated with the sun god Ra, pictured in the form of a falcon.
Set (mythology)HorusOsirisApis (Egyptian mythology)

Question 8: The Eye of Horus (Wedjat)[1] (previously Wadjet and the Eye of the Moon; and afterwards as The Eye of Ra[2] or "Udjat")[3] is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities, in this case from ________ or Ra.
OsirisApis (Egyptian mythology)HorusSet (mythology)

Question 9:
Eye of Horus, Osiris and Maat are all:
Ancient Egyptian society Egyptian hieroglyphs Ancient Egyptian concepts Egyptian hieroglyphs-Gardiner listed

Question 10:
Eye of Horus, Egyptian hieroglyphs and Ankh are all:
Egyptian hieroglyphs-Gardiner listed Ancient Egyptian culture Egyptian hieroglyphs Ancient Egyptian society


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