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Question 1: ________, the role of eye movement in reading linguistic text
PhonicsEye movement in language readingAlphabetic principleReading (process)

Question 2: ________, the voluntary and involuntary movement of the eyes
Medial longitudinal fasciculusSaccadeVisual systemEye movement (sensory)

Question 3: ________ – a fast movement of an eye, head, or other part of an animal's body or a device
Physiologic nystagmusEye movement (sensory)SaccadeRetina

Question 4: ________, an information processing psychotherapy
Posttraumatic stress disorderEye movement desensitization and reprocessingAnxiety disorderCognitive behavioral therapy

Question 5: ________, the role of eye movement in reading music
Eye trackingEye movement in language readingMusical notationEye movement in music reading


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