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Question 1: According to Kahn-Harris, the mid-to-late 1980s saw vital new developments: ________ and grindcore.
Heavy metal musicDeath metalBlack metalHeavy metal subgenres

Question 2:
  • ________, Death metal (mid-late 1980s)
    Heavy metal musicFolk metalEarly Norwegian black metal sceneBlack metal

Question 3: ________ was developed in the late 1960s as a louder, more emphatic form of blues-rock.
Rock musicHeavy metal subgenresHeavy metal musicHard rock

Question 4:
  • ________ (late 1970s)
    Traditional heavy metalNew Wave of British Heavy MetalBay Area thrash metalHeavy metal music

Question 5: The most notable development was the so-called "New Wave of British Heavy Metal" (NWOBHM), which included groups like ________, Saxon and Motörhead.
Bruce DickinsonIron MaidenPowerslaveLive After Death

Question 6: Their songs were among the fastest of their era, with harsh vocals and blatantly ________ imagery.
Theistic SatanismGnosticismBlack MassSatanism

Question 7: Though the term does not refer to any specific style or sound, it most commonly refers to music associated with thrash metal, ________, death metal, and doom metal.
Early Norwegian black metal sceneBlack metalHeavy metal musicFolk metal

Question 8: ________ (rather than the more common six-string guitars) are not unusual in extreme metal, particularly in death and doom metal.
Electric guitarRussian guitarLuthierSeven-string guitar

Question 9: These bands toned down the blues elements of earlier acts, increased the tempo, and adopted a harsher, tougher sound inspired by ________.
Rock musicHardcore punkPunk rockPunk rock subgenres

Question 10: Though not well-known to mainstream music fans, extreme metal has influenced an array of musical performers inside and outside of heavy metal, and thrives in various devoted ________.
IdeologySocial stratificationSociologySubculture

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