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Extreme Championship Wrestling: Quiz


Question 1: The Rise and Fall of ECW (ISBN 1-4165-1058-3) - Thom Loverro for ________
WWE SmackDownWorld Wrestling EntertainmentChris JerichoWWE Raw

Question 2: Included in that number was $860,000 in accounts receivable owed the company by In Demand Network (PPV), Acclaim (video games), and Original San Francisco Toy Company (________).
McFarlane ToysTransformers (toy line)DC Universe ClassicsAction figure

Question 3: [12] With heightened and rejuvenated interest in the ECW franchise, WWE organized ________ on June 12, a reunion event that featured ECW alumni.
December to Dismember (2006)ECW One Night Stand (2005)November to RememberECW One Night Stand (2006)

Question 4:

Question 5: Lawler disparaged ECW on-camera and convinced wrestlers such as ________ and Sabu to join him in an anti-ECW crusade.
Rob Van DamMark LoMonacoChris JerichoJeff Hardy

Question 6:
What entity owns Extreme Championship Wrestling?
Vince McMahon
Powell Development
Eileen Rogerson

Question 7:
When was Extreme Championship Wrestling established?

Question 8:
Who of the following people founded Extreme Championship Wrestling?

Question 9: By 2005, WWE began reintroducing ECW through content from the ECW video library and a series books, which included the release of ________ documentary.
November to RememberECW Heat WaveECW One Night Stand (2005)The Rise and Fall of ECW

Question 10: ________ was scheduled to air on March 11, 2001, but because of financial trouble it was canceled before March 11.
November to RememberECW Heat WaveLiving DangerouslyGuilty as Charged

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