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Extraterrestrials in fiction: Quiz


Question 1: A manuscript illustration depicts a round flying machine similar to a ________.
Kenneth Arnold unidentified flying object sightingExtraterrestrial hypothesisUnidentified flying objectFlying saucer

Question 2: This usage is ________; the term is used to refer to non-human civilizations even in the context of their own native habitats.

Question 3: The didactic poet Henry More took up the classical theme of Cosmic pluralism of the Greek ________ in "Democritus Platonissans, or an Essay Upon the Infinity of Worlds" (1647).

Question 4: not coming from the ________ are referred to collectively as aliens.

Question 5: The protagonist of the 10th-century Japanese narrative, ________, was a hime (princess) from the Moon who is sent to Earth for safety during a celestial war, and is found and raised by a bamboo cutter in Japan.
Man'yōshūThe Tale of GenjiThe Tale of the Bamboo CutterMount Penglai

Question 6: In popular cultures, ________ —especially intelligent life forms— that are of extraterrestrial origin, i.e.


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