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Question 1: In ________ Islam the 6th Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq has been quoted as saying that there are living beings on other planets.
Shia IslamIslamic schools and branchesIslamophobiaIslamic theology

Question 2: In February 2005, ________ scientists reported that they had found strong evidence of present life on Mars.
Space RaceSpace explorationHuman spaceflightNASA

Question 3: However, other elements and solvents could also provide a basis for ________.

Question 4: Darwin - an ________ mission designed to find Earth-like planets and analyze their atmosphere for signs of life
European Space AgencyItalian Space AgencyCNESSpace Race

Question 5: Pure water is useful because it has a neutral pH due to its continued dissociation between hydroxide and ________ ions.
Acid dissociation constantAmmoniaHydrogenHydronium

Question 6: Hypotheses regarding the origin(s) of extraterrestrial life, if it exists, are as follows: one proposes that it may have emerged, independently, from different places in the ________.
UniverseBig BangRedshiftTime

Question 7: In 2000, geologist and ________ Peter Ward and astrobiologist Donald Brownlee published a book entitled Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe.
EcologyGeologic time scalePaleontologyEvolution

Question 8: The ________ mission, initiated by the French Space Agency, was launched in 2006, and is currently looking for extrasolar planets; it is the first of its kind.
Herschel Space ObservatoryHubble Space TelescopeCOROTDarwin (spacecraft)

Question 9: Scientists are directly searching for evidence of unicellular life within the ________, carrying out studies on the surface of Mars and examining meteors which have fallen to Earth.
SunSolar SystemPlutoPlanet

Question 10: An alternative hypothesis is panspermia or exogenesis, which holds that life emerges from one location, then spreads between ________.
Extraterrestrial lifeAstrobiologyEuropa (moon)Planetary habitability

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