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Extrasensory perception: Quiz


Question 1: Parapsychologists generally regard such tests as the ________ as providing compelling evidence for the existence of ESP.
PrecognitionGanzfeld experimentParapsychologyExtrasensory perception

Question 2: To avoid the connotations of ________ and the seance room, they renamed it "parapsychology." While Louisa Rhine concentrated on collecting accounts of spontaneous cases, J.
GhostList of reportedly haunted locationsList of UFO sightingsPoltergeist

Question 3: (For references and further information, see ________.)
ParapsychologyExtrasensory perceptionPrecognitionSamuel Soal

Question 4: Among scientists in the National Academy of Sciences, 96% described themselves as "________" of ESP; 2% believed in psi and 10% felt that parapsychological research should be encouraged.
EmpiricismReductionismWillard Van Orman QuineSkepticism

Question 5: Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves reception of information not gained through the recognized ________ and not inferred from experience.
ChemosensorSensory systemOlfactionSense

Question 6: In the 1930s, at ________ in North Carolina, J. B. Rhine and his wife Louisa tried to develop psychical research into an experimental science.
Southern Methodist UniversityNorthwestern UniversitySyracuse UniversityDuke University

Question 7: Psychic Exploration: A Challenge for Science, published by ________ and G.
James IrwinRonald EvansEdgar MitchellCharles Duke

Question 8: The consensus of the Parapsychological Association is that certain types of psychic phenomena such as psychokinesis, telepathy, and ________ are well established.
ParapsychologyNear death experienceOut-of-body experienceAstral projection

Question 9: Carl Sargent, a psychology major at the ________, heard about the early claims of a hypnosis – ESP link and designed an experiment to test whether they had merit.
University of BristolUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Edinburgh

Question 10: Extrasensory perception at the ________
Time WarnerJim BarksdaleLife (magazine)Open Directory Project


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