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Extrapyramidal symptoms: Quiz


Question 1: The extrapyramidal system can be affected in a number of ways, which are revealed in a range of extrapyramidal symptoms such as akinesia (inability to initiate movement) and ________ (inability to remain motionless).
Restless legs syndromeAkathisiaMigraineDementia with Lewy bodies

Question 2: The most common antipsychotic associated with EPS is ________ used especially in schizophrenia.

Question 3: Other antidopaminergic drugs like the antiemetic ________ or the tricyclic antidepressant amoxapine can also cause extrapyramidal side effects.

Question 4: Extrapyramidal symptoms can also be caused by brain damage, as in athetotic ________, which is involuntary writhing movements caused by prenatal or perinatal brain damage.
Spastic diplegiaCerebral palsyHereditary spastic paraplegiaHemiplegia


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