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Extramarital sex: Quiz


Question 1: It is listed as a sin here and in other passages (along with ________, theft, greed, lying, and sexual perversion).
IdolatryTen CommandmentsAbrahamic religionsMoses

Question 2: Traditional interpretations of Islamic law (or ________) prescribe severe punishments for zina, or extramarital sex, by both men and women.
Islamic schools and branchesShariaIslamic ethicsFiqh

Question 3: Extramarital sex occurs when a married person engages in ________ with someone other than their marriage partner.
Human sexual behaviorMasturbationOrgasmSexual intercourse

Question 4: Premarital sex could be punished by up to 100 lashes, while ________ is punishable by stoning.

Question 5: Extramarital sex is considered to be immoral by most Christian groups, who base this primarily on passages like ________ 6:9-10:
Epistle to the EphesiansFirst Epistle to the CorinthiansSecond Epistle to the CorinthiansNew Testament

Question 6: Where extramarital sexual relations breach a sexual norm it may also be referred to as ________, fornication, philandery, or infidelity.

Question 7: The ________ prescribes the death penalty through stoning for adultery, which is defined as having sex with a woman, who is married to another man.

Question 8: American biologist ________ found in his 1950-era studies that 50% of American males and 26% of females had extramarital sex.
Human sexualityKinsey (film)Alfred KinseyKinsey Reports

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