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Extinction vortex: Quiz


Question 1: The first two (R and D) deal with environmental factors that have an effect on the ecosystem or ________ level, such as disturbance, pollution, habitat loss etc.
Social stratificationCommunitySociologySocial network

Question 2: A Vortex: The A vortex is a result of an increase in genetic drift and a corresponding decrease in genetic ________ which leads to a decrease in "population adaptive potential", and eventual extinction.
VarianceNormal distributionProbability distributionStandard deviation

Question 3: Whereas the second two (F and A) deal with genetic factors such as inbreeding depression and outbreeding depression, ________ etc.
Genetic driftEvolutionNatural selectionPopulation genetics

Question 4: Within these fragments, local extinction rates increase which, through ________, further increases D.
EstrogenOxytocinExponential growthPositive feedback

Question 5: Extinction vortices are a class of models through which conservation biologists, geneticists and ________ can understand the dynamics of and categorize extinctions in the context of their causes.

Question 6: A prime example of this would be the disruption of ________ in a population away from the species optimum .
MaleHuman sex ratioSex ratioHermaphrodite

Question 7: R Vortex: The R vortex is initiated when there is a disturbance which facilitates a lowering of ________ size (N) and a corresponding increase in variability (Var(r)).
OverpopulationWorld populationPopulationPopulation growth

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