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Extinction event: Quiz


Question 1: [4] Most non-dinosaurian ________, most therapsids, and most of the large amphibians were eliminated, leaving dinosaurs with little terrestrial competition.

Question 2: The formation of ________ by flood basalt events could have:
North Atlantic Igneous ProvinceLarge igneous provinceHigh Arctic Large Igneous ProvinceDeccan Traps

Question 3: ________, 2000, Calculating God, TOR, ISBN 0-812-58035-4
Alternate historyIsaac AsimovRobert J. SawyerScience fiction

Question 4: Ordovician–Silurian extinction event 440-450 Ma at the ________-Silurian transition.
Geologic time scaleCarboniferousDevonianOrdovician

Question 5: Triassic–Jurassic extinction event - 205 Ma at the Triassic-________ transition.
JurassicDinosaurCretaceousGeologic time scale

Question 6: The idea that mass extinctions are becoming less frequent is rather speculative – from a ________ point of view a sample of about 10 extinction events is too small to be a reliable sign of any actual trend.
Mathematical statisticsRegression analysisProbabilityStatistics

Question 7: Permian–Triassic extinction event - 251 Ma at the ________-Triassic transition.
Geologic time scalePermianCarboniferousCretaceous

Question 8: The recovery of vertebrates took 30 million years,[5] but the vacant niches created the opportunity for ________ to become ascendant.

Question 9: Reasonably complete ________ are very rare, most extinct organisms are represented only by partial fossils, and complete fossils are rarest in the oldest rocks.
PaleontologyGeologyFossilGeologic time scale

Question 10: Cenomanian-Turonian - circa 93.5 Ma (extinction of ________ and pliosaurs)
Geologic time scaleIchthyosaurDinosaurPlesiosaurus


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