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Question 1: [9] This is especially common with extinction of ________.
PredationKeystone speciesEcosystemConservation biology

Question 2: Meanwhile, low genetic diversity (see ________ and population bottlenecks) can cause reduced biological fitness and an increased chance of extinction amongst the reducing population of purebred individuals from a species.
InbreedingCousin marriageConsanguinityHybrid (biology)

Question 3: ________ acts to propagate beneficial genetic traits and eliminate weaknesses.
Natural selectionPopulation geneticsEvolutionCharles Darwin

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  External mold of the extinct Lepidodendron from the Upper Carboniferous of Ohio.[6]
  Dilophosaurus, one of the many extinct dinosaur genera. The cause of the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event is a subject of much debate amongst researchers.
  The Dodo, shown here in a 1651 illustration by Jan Savery, is an often-cited example of modern extinction.[1]

Question 5: Vital resources including ________ and food can also be limited during habitat degradation, leading to extinction.
OxygenWater resourcesWaterEarth

Question 6: People who live close to nature can be dependent on the survival of all the species in their environment, leaving them highly exposed to extinction ________.
Financial riskUncertaintyRisk managementRisk

Question 7: In the 1800s when extinction was first described, the idea of extinction was threatening to those who held a belief in the ________, a theological position that did not allow for "missing links".
CopperIronGreat chain of beingMineral

Question 8: Those that are extant but threatened by extinction are referred to as threatened or ________.
Endangered speciesCheetahTigerPolar bear

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  The Bali Tiger was declared extinct in 1937 due to hunting and habitat loss.
  Apparent fraction of genera going extinct at any given time, as reconstructed from the fossil record.
  The Golden Toad was last seen on May 15, 1989. Decline in amphibian populations is ongoing worldwide.
  The Passenger Pigeon, one of hundreds of species of extinct birds, was hunted to extinction over the course of a few decades.

Question 10: An important aspect of extinction at the present time are human attempts to preserve critically endangered species, which is reflected by the creation of the ________ "Extinct in the Wild" (EW).
IUCN Red ListLeast ConcernConservation statusThreatened species


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