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Extermination: Quiz


Question 1: In the popular British television show Doctor Who, "Exterminate!" (usually pronounced "EX-TER-MIN-ATE", with each syllable heavily emphasised), is the battle cry of the ________.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronologyDalek variantsDalek

Question 2: ________, a PlayStation 2 game made by Sony Computer Entertainment.
Extermination (video game)Resident Evil (video game)Entertainment Software Rating BoardCarrier (video game)

Question 3: However, extermination is categorized in international criminal law as a ________ which is separate from genocide.
War rapeCrime against humanityHuman rightsCommand responsibility

Question 4: When applied to humans, the term ________ is more often used.
RacismRacial segregationEthnic cleansingGenocide

Question 5: Extermination is the act of killing with the intention of eradicating ________ within a population.
John F. KennedyBaby boomerDemographicsDemography

Question 6: Extermination of ________ or vermin relates to the field of pest control.


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