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Question 1: The eXtended Memory Specification or XMS is the specification describing the use of ________ extended memory in real mode for storing data (but not for running executable code in it).
Personal computerDOSIBM Personal ComputerIBM PC compatible

Question 2: The earlier 8086/8088 processors can make use of more than 1 MB of RAM, if one employs special hardware to make selectable parts of it appear at addresses below 1 MB (________).
Operating systemGraphical user interfaceMemory protectionPaging

Question 3: This way all of the additional memory would be available to programs running in ________.
Protected modeOperating systemMicrosoft WindowsOS/2

Question 4: On x86-based PCs, extended memory is only available with an ________ 80286 processor or higher.
NvidiaIntel CorporationMicrosoftCisco Systems

Question 5: In computing, extended memory refers to memory above the first megabyte of address space in an ________ or compatible with an 80286 or later processor.
Personal computerIBM Personal ComputerDOSIBM PC compatible

Question 6: Only these chips can address more than 1 MB of ________.
Flash memoryComputer data storageDynamic random access memoryRandom-access memory

Question 7: The term is mainly used under the ________ and Windows operating systems.
File Allocation TableMS-DOSDOSCP/M

Question 8: DOS programs, running in real mode or virtual x86 mode, cannot directly access this memory, but are able to do so through an ________ called the eXtended Memory Specification (XMS).
Java (programming language)LinuxApplication programming interfaceUnix


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